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  • Discussion about NZ hack #meetingnotes


I think some idea along the lines of connecting communities between China and [[New Zealand]] through [[Sylo]] experience for an Agile workshop can be epic

I think we can define the topic broadly as : coping mechanism for challenging times. Weave into it the digital interaction for collaboration and the wellbeing practices


Idea 1:A platform for People to share stories and react to stories,esp for [[COVID-19]]

Right now the implementation in my mind looks like a platform much like Twitter, where individuals and business can voice their personal experience. But it will be more than Twitter, since it is purpose built for this crises.

Coming out of a crises people need to grieve. Perhaps a way for people to grieve together? People to share stories and react to stories. But what if we went a step further and had the feel that all the crowd-source funding platforms give. What if people could, based on resonance of a particular story could donate time/resources/money via the platform too?

Meaning a platform which not only allows and promotes [[storytelling]] but also a way to act on it.

Idea 2:Work giver and taker platform between [[New Zealand]] and China using [[Sylo]]

One of the three sectors is ‘connecting community’.

There is a need for a platform for people that need help (work_givers) to be matched with people that have time/ need work (work_takers). Simply a matching system, leveraging sylo’s user-base could be a reasonable solution to the community problem. As a simple case- you could match people that need groceries with those that can deliver them and pay all through the app.

There’s many applications we could think about with this [[Sylo]] sdk..

i guess maybe this can envolve [[crypto]] in payment ;)


M thinking of what online stuff we can do to leverage both sides advantages . It’s funny that recently my friend got an online translation work , it’s like a lot of case study materials from a NZ company ,which need to be translated into Mandarin . So  i was thinking ,also like Singh said,will there be opportunities in the WORK matching ? Those easy to [[proof-of-work]] and also a great way for ppl to know more about NZ (China).

In terms of Online mini workshop,m thinking could we build a Online MEETUP (or something like that) especially for NZ and China, I heard from Daniel that NZ is so awesome in Community building/Story telling/mental health and well-being etc,I guess that’s exactly what we(Chinese) are not good at,and people gradually realize that they need.

And also,there should be something that NZ need and  CN is good at.


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  • Gurleen’s talk summary#neuroscience

图片 - phrenology骨相学 meaning: a function that the brain carries out can be located in one physical location brain networks! we can only make these correlations because of large computational capacity


lorazepam = anxiety reducing drug - computer vision a branch of machine learning! using camera data and making sense of what you are seeing teaching a computer to recognise objects in an image using the smartphone camera to quanitify (measure with numbers) the symptoms of parkinsons patients

Reference gen libruary Moonwalking with Einstein-Foer Joshua FOR MORE NEUROSCIENCE by one of my favourite scientists ever

Robert sapolsky, he also wrote the book ‘Why Zebras don’t get Ulcers’.It has nothing to do with zebras or ulcers but actually with anxiety and how the superiority of human intellect and ability of future planning is also one of our biggest weaknesses.


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[[Interview]]plan for [[Estonia]]previous prime minister URL

* [[Daniel]]:**Estonia's e-resident is super useful, I have lots of friends who opened company in Estonia this way. Also, the former prime minister of Estonia used to by my previous startup advisor, I can try and get him on a podcast interview, he is super into crypto and is a mate.**   *  [[Estonia]] [[e-resident]] online webinar💻 on 4 May: Please click this [URL]( to join.


* **Idea**:Estonia is trying to build a society in which technology plays an crucial role, but where the ideals of democracy and a person's right to privacy are upheld.
* **6 topics**:;;;;;;

e.g.Security is the catalyst for innovation,not obstacles.

I m very interested in the URL initiatives that Estonia is working on,for example the PRIVACY. To give back people’s control over their own data,in my opinion this is what the technology is really fighting for. Recently in collaboration with a security team in China,I m doing research on zero-proof knowledge and how it can better protect people’s privacy(the use cases). #thoughts

[[EHF]] applications’ takeaway:

What is [[impact]] and how to value someone’s impact?#thoughts

  * **Idea**:Impact is presented via acknowledgement,both from individual's **thank you** moment and from the Society.
  * **Example**:when you help someone in doing something;when you got a prize from a competition;when you provide a product/service that can be used by ppl


日志📙#[[knowledge management]]

  • sococo 远程办公/沉浸式虚拟空间 - [[Bob Fu]]’s tweet

开个 thread 记录下使用 [[Sococo]]远程办公的体验。Sococo 是一个给远程办公团队提供虚拟办公空间的服务(如图,我选的是一个带游艇的小岛)。可以通过视觉感知团队成员的当前状态,也提供文字聊天、语音、视频、屏幕共享等服务。

最初通过这篇文章了解到 Sococo 。文章讨论了如何利用 [[spatial interfaces]] 的思维设计数字产品的一些案例和预想。文章第一句话就让读者想一想,「是不是没有任何应用可以完全复刻一副扑克牌的体验」? - [[AngelList]]的数据分析:天使投资“广撒网”策略表现远超选择策略 - 图片 - [[Naval]]‘s tweet: __“Investors benefit from indexing as broadly as possible at the seed stage, by putting money into every credible deal, because any selective policy for seed-stage investing—absent perfect foresight—will eventually be outperformed by indexing.” __ - [[memes]][[aaaargh]]–表懊悔,错过了deal - Reference:Venture Returns With Abe Othman of AngelList Startup Growth and Venture Returns: What We Found When We Analyzed Thousands of VC Deals - 关于[[比特币]]网络是去中心化的网络,因此这个第三方是零知识[[zkp]]的第三方 - [[GY]]老师:

所谓的可信第三方一般是指的一个「单点」,因此如果这个单点失效或者作恶,那么第三方就不可信了。 比特币是一个p2p的网络,在这个网络中没有中心, 但是却维护了一个「中心账本」。因此你可以这么理解:比特币通过共识协议,从而把一大堆对等节点链接在一起,形成了一个「虚拟」的可信第三方。 这个虚拟的可信第三方,大概率不会单点失效, 如果超过半数的节点不作恶,那么这个虚拟第三方也不会作恶。因此我们把这个「虚拟第三方」称为  trustless 第三方。


  • 18:45 关于[[图鉴]]:

There is no 图鉴 about [[blockchain]]and [[cryto]] just like「和果子图鉴」「园艺图鉴」「游戏图鉴」「料理图鉴」「生活图鉴」?

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