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民宿服务中台 Home-sharing management service

KEYS is a property management service provider that helps property owners increase their property value by transforming their underused living spaces into hotel-quality homestays. We offer renovation and decoration, housekeeping, and customer services to property owners while facilitating room booking for travelers through our online platforms. By applying the shared economy concept in the property management field, KEYS reorganizes scattered and undermanaged resources to achieve higher societal efficiency, with an aim to become a global property management platform by 2022.

KEYS has helped property owners achieve higher property value and satisfaction:

KEYS provides homestays with standardized high-quality room services, which offer long-term profitability to property owners. With such value-added services, property owners enjoy 50% more on revenue, 100% on booking rate and 150% on customer experience, leading to owners’ satisfaction of 92%.

In Hangzhou, KEYS operates with 70% higher efficiency than industry average, becoming the market leader in the mid- to high-end homestay facility.

KEYS has gained international recognition since the Boao Forum:

KEYS has served world leaders and high-net-worth customers, and managed accommodation for special events in China and abroad. KEYS has achieved business growth and global brand recognition as the official accommodation provider for the Boao Forum for five consecutive years, and it will be the official accommodation provider for 2020 Olympics and 2022 Winter Olympics in addition to other large-scale international events.

The business model can be replicated globally and has proven success in the Japanese market:

KEYS’ annual service volume in China has exceeded 100,000 stays and the company is already operating at a profit. As KEYS replicates this business model in Japan, it has achieved 180% growth, thanks to brand loyalty of Chinese consumers when traveling overseas as well as foreign travelers.

Additionally, KEYS plans to turn 2,500 rooms under management into living-plus-retail spaces to further increase property utilization, hence, source of revenue for property owners, with expected monthly growth of 187%.

Capable team with profound industry knowledge adds to the business’ potential:

KEYS’ core team members have extensive experience in large-scale event operations and accommodation management services. Together with strong government relations and active participation in the industry’s activities, KEYS has great potentials to take the business to greater success.



Alex LIN (林璐) Cary HUANG (黄子芮) Palmy KEERATIWUTTHIKUL(黄华玉)

Alex LIN, CEO takes charge in KEYS’ branding and event operations. He is a member of the Beijing Olympics Organizing Committee and has received recognition as Shanghai Youth Entrepreneurship Talent and the winner of Fujian Strait Innovation and Entrepreneurship competition. Alex graduated in Journalism from Communication University of China, and MBA from Tsinghua University.

Cary HUANG, COO is responsible for KEYS’ strategic planning and operation management, given her 18-year experience in accommodation management and operation. Carrie is a senior business leader of Shanghai Youth Entrepreneurship Talent and is on the executive committee of Boao World Outstanding Women Club.

Palmy KEERATIWUTTHIKUL, Global BD Lead focuses on business development and international market expansion. She has diverse experience in finance, strategy, corporate development and corporate partnership. Before coming to China, Palmy worked as the Assistant to the CEO at Sea Limited, Thailand office, overseeing corporate-level projects and building corporate partners. Palmy graduated in Business from the McIntire School of Commerce, University of Virginia, USA, with a second major in Economics. Currently, she is a candidate of the Tsinghua-MIT Global MBA in Beijing.



Founder of KEYS潮宿