Fat Garage Guide

Jessie LI Jessie LI Follow Dec 12, 2019 · 1 min read
Fat Garage Guide

Fat Garage is a public good. We wanna onboard the ideas/efforts that can…somewhat make people better lives OR just damn COOL

Hopefully you can be…somewhat encouraged to Start something Up OR

just give them your kind ATTENTION ;)

What’s in each section?

  • Homepage
    1. Some know-how documents
    2. Some self-operated contents, such as fat garage interview; Overseas entrepreneurs talk show 「1 o ‘clock Boston」; Startup weekends and so on.


  • Projects

    Early stage projects from China and aboard,referred by partners. walking

  • Partners

    Entities who help refer legit and interesting projects. walking

  • Contributors

    Individuals who are gifted and contribute to the FG website development. walking

    How can people get engaged in FG?


  • Partner/Contributor

    1.Website construction

    People who contribute to the web construction will be considered as a contributor,as for now we have @gaojin @qijin @tongmu who help with the current version.Anyone who has some thoughts about FG can apply to be a 「contributor」,pls send email to: [email protected]

    2.Content construction

    Now we are actively engaging partners who can help :

    1)Refer good projects 2)Collaboratively Create contents in various ways (podcast/talk show etc)


Tipping Us & Newsletter

On the way…stay tuned!

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Written by Jessie LI